Enough of the fear – the technology exists to establish completely private communication channels laid right on top of the existing internet. I will be talking here about how, and I will be constructing such a system and making it freely available to anyone who wants to use it. There are two essential components:

  • A method of conveying secure, hidden communiques across the public internet
  • A method for extracting / decrypting messages and encrypting / inserting replies

The first item, conveyance, will rely on an approach that creates encrypted content that cannot be distinguished from random data by anyone that does not possess the decryption key, and will utilize internet services that are in widespread, routine use by a large fraction of the population. No one, not even Big Brother, will know what portions of that traffic contain hidden communication and what parts do not, and massive participation by “the world” will ensure that mere use of the channel doesn’t draw attention.

The second item, access to and creation of secret information, necessarily requires that the user manage data that’s “in the clear.” This requires that the user have a trustworthy compute platform, which isn’t necessarily an easy thing to achieve. We now know a lot of frightening things in the aftermath of the Edward Snowden affair. I will have thoughts to share about this as well, and I have personal projects underway to address this issue “for my use.” I will share the results of that work with the public when the time comes.

That’s all for today – I’m just getting this idea “out there.” More to come – in the meantime enjoy life and stay under the radar.

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