For some time now this site has been hosted on a virtual server provided by VPSLink. When I first set that service up, and for quite a while after, I was very impressed with VPSLink’s solid customer support and quick resolution of issues. Friday, however, the server went down, and it took over a day for it to come back up. I discovered they’d changed their customer service procedures, for the worse in my opinion, and outsourced tier 1 support to India.

I made an almost immediate decision to change horses. As of a bit earlier this evening the site is hosted by I haven’t had need of their issue resolution yet, but I can already detect a significant improvement in the “snappiness” of the site. So far I am impressed.

So, if you’re in the market for a virtual server provider, I can say that my first impression of is quite good, and I also recommend that you pass over VPSLink.

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